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South African Defence Force Webbing

Pattern 60/64 webbing.

Pattern 60/64 Uzzi mag pouch.

Pattern 74 mortar bomb vest.

Pattern 74 belt.

Pattern 74 belt with d-rings.

Pattern 74 small pack.

Pattern 74 weebing.

Pattern 74 holster.

Pattern 74 holster with mag pouch.

Pattern 80 vest.

Pattern 80 chest webbing. Chi-com style with thwist closures.

Pattern 80 chest webbing. Pattern 74 webbing and velcro closures.

Pattern 80 butt pack.

Pattern 80 back pack. Issued to Roes Terblanche.

Pattern 80 AK pouch.

Pattern 80 radio pouch.

Pattern 80 radio pouch.

Pattern 80 rifle bag.

Pattern 80 type pouch.

Pattern 80 type belt.

Pattern 83 vest.

Pattern 83 chest webbing.

SWA Pattern 83 vest. Type 1.

SAW Pattern 83 vest. Type 2.

SWA Pattern 83 vest type 3.

SWA Recce camo pattern 83 vest. Exact same cut as Nutria version. Expirimental.

Batteleur 90 vest. Type 1. Braces attaches onto D-rings. Pouches have ladder lock clips not Velcro.

Batteleur 90 vest. Type 2. Exclusively designed for 44 Para. Braces attached to belt and Velcro pouch closures.

Batteleur 90 chest webbing. Type 2. Made of pattern 83 nylon. Based on Pathfinder Para Fox rig.Heavy black reinforcing on bottoms of pouches.

Parabat Pathfinder Para Fox chest webbing.

Para-Fox chest webbing.

Niemoller vest with hot extraction harness.

Niemoller vest.

Niemoller holster.

Pattern 83 Niemoller style vest.

Niemoller vest. Rhodesian camo.

Niemoller Chest webbing. Rhodesian camo.

Niemoller day pack. Rhodesian camo. Zips onto main pack.

Niemoller back pack. Rhodesian camo.

Faradeys chest webbing. Extensively altered. Niemoller type fabric lined over all pouches. Pistol holster and Israily type grenade pouches added. Hand painted.

Niemoller chest webbing. Made for 50 round AK mags. Hand painted.

Niemoller chest webbing. Chi-Com style with thist clusures. Brown webbing straps.

Niemoller radio pouch.

Niemoller medic bag.

Niemoller map pouch. Attaches to back pack. Hand painted.

Niemoller water bladder. Exact copy of US version.

Niemoller type brown pouch. Belt loops and D-ring.

Niemoller type chest webbing.

Recce assault vest with hot extraction harnass.

Parabat Pathfinder assault vest.

Recce Urban opps assault vest. Same as Pathfinder assault vest, only in black.

Recce Cabbage Patch camo back pack.

Recce Cabbage Patch camo water bladder carrier. Camel Pack style.

Cabbage Patch ammo pouch.

32 Bn DPM vest. SWA pattern 83 Type 3 style.

32 Bn DPM back pack.

32 Bn/ Koevoet chest webbing.

SADF Experimental pouch. Was to replace pattern 74 gear. Has ALICE clips. Used by 32Bn and Koevoet.

SADF Experimental pouch. Was to replace pattern 74 gear. Has ALICE clips. Used by 32Bn and Koevoet.

SWA SF assault vest.

32 Bn Summer camo Niemoller style vest.

32 Bn Summer camo back back.

SAP 2nd pattern belt and holster.

SAPSTF vest.